Buntkicktgut Open

June 2, 2010

“Buntkicktgut” means “Colourful kicks well”. It’s an initiative – established in 1996 by Ruediger Heid and Memo Arikan – which uses street football (soccer) as means for the integration of immigrant kids.  In the meantime its League with 150 teams and more than 1500 participants  has become a respected institution that served as example in several  countries in Europe.  For it’s efforts to promote tolerance, integration, non-violence and self-esteem within the community of young people from different origins and cultures Buntkicktgut has received awards from the German Football Association, from the Lord Mayor of Munich and from the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The annual highlight is the “International Buntkicktgut Open”. This year it took place in the Olympic Park from May, 21st to 24th . Thirty-six teams from Germany, England, Poland,  Serbia,  Austria, Switzerland and even two from as far away as China competed for the trophies in four categories.  Important was not the victory, but fairplay and the cross-cultural  encounter of juveniles from diverse backgrounds.

Many more photos on http://www.jugendsport-foto.de

Peter Heller wins Rudi-Berger-Cup

May 12, 2010

In memory of Rudi Berger, the former popular tournament director, a junior competition carrying his name is being played in the frame of the prestigious BMW Open in Munich. The aim is to give up-and-coming tennis talents the opportunity to experience an ATP tour event at first hand. On sunday 18 years old Peter Heller hailing from Cham in Bavaria won the  final of the cup against Albert Wagner from Amberg 6:4, 7:5 in a dramatic game, in which both opponents showed sparkling abilities.

For his victory Peter Heller received a wild card for next year’s BMW Open. This very year – if everything goes well – the young man, who is on position 37 in the world junior rankings U18  – is going to play the Junior Championships of Roland Garros, Wimbledon and New York.  Gifted and determined as he is,  in a couple of years he might go far in professional tennis. Watch out for him! I’ve been admiring his dynamic body language, his pugnacious dedication since he was 12.

See more photos on http://www.jugendsport-foto.de

Danone Nations Cup 2010

May 1, 2010

The boys from SpVgg Unterhaching won the regional qualification games  in Ottobrunn on April, 25th.

They’ll go to Frankfurt on June, 5th to compete for the national title. The winners will take part in the world finals of the Danone Nations Cup in October in Johannisbourg/ Southafrica. There they’ll meet kids from 39 other countries from all over the world.

Photos and video on http://www.jugendsport-foto.de

Girls Wrestling

April 16, 2010

At the 31. Andi-Walter-Tournament 2010,  staged by SC Isaria,  small and bigger  girls proved once again that they don’t lag behind in fighting will and ability.  Their skills, temperament and effort delighted the numerous spectators in Unterfoehring.

Photos on    http://www.jugendsport-foto.de

Videos on    http://www.youtube.com/user/hejot2


Sportdokumentation München 2009

April 13, 2010

Die Sportdokumentation der Stadt München für das Jahr 2009 ist herausgekommen, wie in den Vorjahren mit vielen Bildern, die ich bei den verschiedensten Sportveranstaltungen machen konnte.

Dies sind einige der erschienenen Fotos

Manchester United vs Bayern Munich

April 11, 2010

The latest shock for English soccer: After a 3:0 lead  against Bayern Munich Manchester United exits from the Champions League.  And with the exception of Arjen Robben’s miraculous strike at Old Trafford Bayern did not even shine as  in the first leg at home. For the first time since seven years there’s no Premier League club left in the semi-finals.  Do the standards decline in the motherland of football? Ferguson’s hateful remarks against Bayern players after the game were worthless to say the least. Maybe he was intoxicated having chewed too frantically on his gum.

Phlipp Lahm, German sports idol

Software and Support Problems

April 10, 2010

It’s regrettable that many programs are flawed.  But all the more  it’s a shame, that quite a number of software companies don’t even  care about solving problems that occur with their products.

Here it is what I was faced with recently:

GData (antivirus): On March 27th I told them, that I can’t log in with my access data. They didn’t even answer until I wrote again on April, 8th. Then they give me idiot advices like I should upload patches and updates:  How can I upload when I have no access???

Ipswitch (FTP): I sent two e-mails to them. They don’t even care to give a response.

PCTools (Registry Mechanic):  One year after I had bought the software they tell me that  they have extended my support contract for one more year.  Having never subscribed to that I object the following  day.  Nevertheless – without responding to my objection – they deduct  29.95 Euro from my credit card.

That’s what they call support  !?!?!

Sports Fair Play

April 9, 2010

This is about FAIRPLAY. This is against violence in sports, which we experience increasingly  in soccer stadiums, and not only there. Lack of mutual respect is one of the reasons. As such sports is not a role model for our youth, but a despicable bad example. To fight this deplorable development Dr. Rainer K. Liedtke, physician and author, has initiated a non-commercial campaign “sports against violence”. The mascots “Benny and Maggy” stand for friendliness and non-agression.

Information and action material may be obtained from the address below.

*Neue Aktion „Sport statt Gewalt“ *

Nicht nur in Fussball-Stadien erleben wir leider derzeit eine zunehmende Gewalt. Mangelnder gegenseitiger Respekt ist eine der Ursachen solcher Konflikte. Diese verderben den weit überwiegend friedlichen Sportfreunden und Club-Fans sinnlos die Freude, z.B. am Fußball. Vereine und Behörden kostet es zusätzlich noch viel Geld durch vermehrte Überwachungs-Massnahmen .

Dem nur zusehen nützt nichts. Das wollte auch der selbst sportbegeisterte Arzt, Wissenschaftler und Schriftsteller Dr. Rainer K. Liedtke, Grünwald, http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainer_Liedtke nicht mehr. So rief er nun die nicht-kommerzielle Aktion „Sport statt Gewalt“ ins Leben.

Schon aus seinen eigenen Forschungen zu Schmerz und Stress lag nahe dies aktiv anzugehen. Das Ziel ist einfach: Freundlichkeit ist eine Form von Respekt die Spannung abbaut. Operativ soll Aggression durch positive optische Leitmotive beeinflusst werden. Hierfür wurden die Figuren „Benny und Maggy“ gewählt, deren ausstrahlende Freundlichkeit sich schon an anderer Stelle als „Stress-Killer“ bewährte. „Gute Stimmung einzelner oder gar einer Gruppe wirkt auf Andere „ansteckend“ wie eine Infektion. Das verhindert Aggression oft schon im Keim und ist besser als einen Konflikt schlichten zu müssen“ sagte Liedtke. Hierzu wird daher kostenlos Material (Karten. Buttons) zur Verfügung gestellt. „Die Sport-Vereine, die wir auswählen spielen daher auch eine Pionier-Rolle dass sie es mit unserem friedlichen Umgang ernst meinen. Davon können ja nur alle profitieren“.

pharmed Holding GmbH,
Grünwald b München
Dr. Rainer K. Liedtke


Wrestling videos

April 8, 2010

Videos of the Andi-Walter-Tournament are being uploaded bit by bit on my website
Videos of girls fights as well

Boys Wrestling

April 7, 2010

In Unterfoehring on April 3th, 2010, the international Andi-Walter-Tournament took  place for the 31st time. 350 young athletes from all over Germany,  but also many from Austria and especially Slovakia delivered exciting fights.

Here are some pictures of the tournament. More o

n http://www.jugendsport-foto.de