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Kids of the world

February 15, 2012

On flickr I posted a series “kids of the world”, photographs of boys and girls of 70 different countries, partly ofwhich I made travelling and the rest at junior sports events, where I am regularly active.

Experiences in THAILAND

February 10, 2011

I’ve just spent two and a half months in Thailand. How could I have endured it so long? It was so boring No rain, no snow, no coldness, just warm and sunny all the time.And this monotony on the beach: Everyday a mango and other disgusting fruits and food, everyday a soothing massage. Fortunately there is one diversion: Not just a few of  the most attractive  ladies of pleasure are  no ladies at all, but of the third gender. One has to be extremely careful not to commit a possibly regrettable error.

Two of the most important festivals I had the opportunity to experience  were Loy Krathong, the traditional festival in honour of the water spirits, and the celebration of the king’s birthday.