Wrestling Champ Andi Walter

Andi’s talent has tradition. His great-uncle  was a well reputed wrestler and after him the club’s SC Isaria international annual tournament is named. The father of Andi, a wrestler himself,  is  not only the coach of the young champ and his sister Lisa, but also of the the Bavarian state’s squad.

The young Andi Walter, 16 years old, with a weight of just 54 kg, has already become one of Germany best freestyle wrestlers. In the last five years  he was always on the winner’s podium at the German Championships, which gained him a place in the national team. He came in first place at several international tournaments, and he is sixfold Bavarian champion. A model athlete I would call him, who besides wrestling loves skiing and soccer. And I bet he’s good at that too.

And guess what his little brother Steve will become !

Photos on www.jugendsport-foto.de

Andi Walter wrestling video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT-aPiBG3hM&feature=related

2 Responses to “Wrestling Champ Andi Walter”

  1. John Orton Says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Andi – he is terrific athlete and a great example to young boys everywhere. I particularly enjoyed the video you uploaded of him, are there any more like this? Or perhaps some photos, from the photo above he is very photogenic. Many thanks for your hard work. It is much appreciated.

  2. John O Says:

    Great video of Andi – are there any more of him? Thanks for all your efforts it’s most appreciated.

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